Marc Stuart - Founder / Partner and Teacher

Marc is a Scottish Medium.  A search for him on Google with the term

"The Scottish Medium" usually has him listed in the top three places. 

He lives just outside of Scotland, and actively works on Church platforms

on average 2-3 times a month. He works as a private Medium doing

readings in person and online. He works in Internationally both  in

Scotland and Western New York State in Buffalo and Lily Dale areas.

Marc is a member of several Churches. Marc is now working part-time

to launch this business and is one of the people who will be running the

workshops and training next year.

He can be found if you search Google with the term "The Scottish

Medium" usually in the top 2 or three places.

Marc also works as a Business Synchronicity Consultant.

Marc is also a Reverend Minister in the state of New York.




Patty Valentine - Founder / Partner and Teacher


Patty is a New York State-based Medium.  She works from

The Lady of the Lake Spiritualist Church just outside of Lily Dale in

Fredonia New York State.  As an International Medium, she works also

in Scotland.

Involved in helping people through circles and training to develop

their spiritual abilities.

Patty is also a Reverend Minister in the state of New York.



Cullen McCandless  -

Course Recruitment Manager

Cullen is the new Recruitment Manager for the training courses.  You

will find him either in Fredonia at the business base, or attending Psychic 

Fairs across the country with his mother and founder of the business.

Cullen graduated last year and has taken over the retail side of

Patty's business interests due to her health. And also as part of that

change is now working with Marc in the course recruitment side of

the activities of Traditional Scottish Spiritual Training.

With the surname of McCandless you can see that he is directly descended

from Scotland through his Scottish relations may be lost to him in time.

He is a Psychic himself and is being trained by Marc and Patty to develop

those skills.  However, this is a journey he has only just started.

Outside of Spiritualism Cullen loves music and plays the guitar. 

Cullen's role in the business is to engage with people that have an

interest,  answer their questions and guide them to have an online

meeting with Marc when he is in Scotland or with him and or Patty if

they are at a Fair.

He has a keen interest in Scotland given his ancestry and his party trick 

is a very real Scottish accent that Marc himself is unable to say is not for 

real.  Marc even suspects that when Cullen is using this accent there 

may even be a past life being coming through it is so convincing.

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