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Meet the Team Members

Marc Stuart is your go-to for phenomenal Mediumship Training. With Marc leading the way through his expertise and teachings, you'll be able to learn all the necessary skills to become a Professional Clairvoyant in just six short months. Join our team to gain the knowledge, confidence and guidance needed to expand your horizons.

Devi Wolf

Devi Wolf

Administrative CEO

Devi Wolf has a background in Spiritualism and is training in Mediumship with Marc Stuart medium. She has a background in Administration and has agreed to act as an administrative CEO for the growing business.

Marc Stuart Medium

Marc Stuart Medium

The Scottish Medium

Marc Stuart the created our training methods based Traditional Scottish Mediumship. Church medium for the Dunfermline Spiritualist Church and worked in Scotland, England, USA and China.

Meet the Team
The Team Members

The Technology We Use

We are seriously running a business internationally, bringing true Scottish Mediumship training to the USA. And for his private readings and work again Marc is dedicated to treating his personal reading a a proper business. As such he invests in technology, such as this new phone system.

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