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Clairvoyant in Six Months

Course Outline and Contents

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The Six-Month Training is inclusive of the following:

  • Six months of weekly based training in Circles

  • All subjects listed in the Syllabus are covered.

  • The three unique areas of our training are covered. (Trademarks being considered)

  • Private Facebook Group where every circle recording is posted for review, etc.

  • Private WhatsApp group for communications, etc.

  • Two "textbooks" that we provide for developing the process of understanding Spiritual Messages.  NOTE: These are not Spiritual books!

  • Up to six months follow-up training and support, depending on the assessment that Marc Stuart Medium does of your abilities at the end of the initial six months.  He does not wish people to be using his branding who are not ready.

  • Access to working with Marc in income-generating ways. For example, appearing on Stage with Marc, getting access to a web site about to be launched called, being hired to teach and run circles by Marc, and access to contacts to help with attending fairs in the USA.

  • Being allowed, subject to ongoing approval, to use licensing materials saying "trained by Marc Stuart Medium". 

  • Access to an online Video Library of materials.

  • APP to give access to all areas of material, etc.

  • Starting in April, there will be monthly online Webinars covering specific subjects.

Marc Stuart Medium

Our Secret Weapon -
The Three Exclusive Techniques we 

We have three areas in the Syllabus where we teach a very different technique from the methodology of any other teachers. These are currently being considered for trademark registration, which is how seriously we consider them unique.

Pattern Working

This is a method of being able to work from a stage or Spiritual Centre platform and do rapid fire messages. These are short, accurate, direct messages. Marc, for example, when working, can do between 60 and 80 such messages in just a few hours.  This leaves everyone happy about getting a message and highly likely to book you for private readings and talk about you. The technique used by Marc is easy to learn and unique to Marc.

The Rule of Three

Spirit often confuses would be Mediums in the way they give messages. It can be iteral, symbolic or representative. This is a technique Marc teaches to work with this confusing method of receiving information, learning over time how to adjust it to the individual Medium and adapt it so that they can quickly give far more evidence than they previously realized was being received.

Consulting Mediumship

The hardest way thing to do in a reading is to give specific evidential messages from the loved ones on the other side. Marc teaches a method which helps you to hone in on the message and give very specific evidence and advice/instructions from the other side.  Marc describes it as being a detective like the fictional Sherlock Holmes, and as such, calls it Consulting Mediumship after the famous Consulting Detective himself.


...  and The Full Syllabus

During the six months you should cover all the following:

Personal to yourself:

How Spirit is communicating with you and how to interpret it

Opening and Closing

Guided Meditations and How to Use them

Mediumship Skills:

Being able to receive when you need to

Being able to trust you are receiving

How to interpret the message from spirit

Types of Messages:


Shorter Private at Fairs

Stage Work

Church or Spiritual Centre Work

Working Online





In the Eyes of the State

What not to do to avoid any form of court action


Where and how to work – venues

Finding customers and turning them into repeat customers

Working Online - software and equipment


How to run a Circle

Guided Meditations and their purpose


How to handle religious objections and the situations you might find yourself in

Is this a religion?

How a forming and running a Church could help you

General Issues with American Churches

Psychic Fairs

American Fairs

Hiring a Table and how to stand out

Organizing smaller local events

Secret Weapon
Book a Time the Training Adviser
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