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What are the Key Points About Scottish Spiritual Mediumship?


Scottish Spiritualism is huge in terms of scale in Scotland. There are more Spiritualists every few

square miles than in Lily Dale itself. It is also quite different in many aspects to the rest of the world.

The Key Points

The major differences between Scotland and the USA can be summed up under these key four bullet points:


​Spiritualism is the seventh-largest religious movement in the United Kingdom. There are Churches everywhere. Many Churches open multiple times a week. There are weekly circles, with people coming into services to see Mediums working for up to an hour in each service in Gallery. Private reading bookings follow!


​We work for Spirit. All mediums may say that, but do they understand what that means? One of the direct consequences of the first item, scale is that those learning to be mediums have the proper attitude instructed from the start. Everything regarding training and attitude is developed and around the numerous Churches. There are many differences between Churches but many consistencies as well.

If you work for Spirit - Spirit will work for you.


​Mediums work hand in hand with Spiritualist Churches. There are more Churches, and everyone knows the local Church. Mediums work on Gallery constantly and are always in demand by the Churches. So, from an employment perspective Mediums are seen by many, many people and reputations are built this way.

This means that everything in a Scottish church is quite different from a church in the US. And that is if you can even find an American church!

The circles are practical and weekly.

Church or Spiritual Center Services are radically different. The Address lasts for between six minutes and is given by being open to Spirit to receive and give it.

The evidential messages given in the church are for over forty-five minutes long often for as long as an hour. So, people support and come to the Church.

All of this leads to local demand through a constantly growing local community of people who will openly call themselves Spiritualists.


​Think of Scotland and what images come to your mind? Men in kilts, bagpipes, castles, and ghosts? All images are used by the Scottish tourist industry very effectively. Indications of the ancient nation that modern Scotland evolved from.

Scotland is an ancient country with ancient legends and religions, originally with four ancient tribes: Celts, Picts, Scots, and Caledonians. The beliefs of these peoples, like the Native Americans, were spiritual in nature. For example, the legend of the Kelpie. A spiritual being that takes the form of a beautiful young man or woman, swimming underwater seduces the passing human then drowns them turning into a horse. Many elements of those ancient tribes became the clan system in the highlands.

So as a culture, the Scottish people are, let us say, historically conditioned to accept spiritualism. Look at the numbers of ghosts everywhere in every older buildings. Just ask the tour guides. Jump forward to the twentieth century and you have Modern Mediumship created in New York State. Yet the greatest heroes of the movement come from Scotland. Sir Arthur Conan-Doyle from Edinburgh. Helen Duncan, the last woman to be jailed for witchcraft in the UK, from Dundee.

Most of the more established Scottish Churches are decades old with most dating back to the early twentieth century. So, whilst this is just a summary, any journey through Scotland in any direction exposes you to ancient tribal history. To haunted buildings and castles. And almost everywhere a modern Spiritual Church.

This is a video of Marc Stuart himself giving a talk in Lily Dale about Scottish Spiritualism and Churches a few years ago at the Church of the Living Spirit.

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