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News and Update 15th August 2019

Okay a lot of things are going on both in the USA and here in Scotland.

To much all at once but that is the way of things.

This is the first time that I am posting what I am calling News, more of an update, but the first of many.


There may have appeared to be some confusion over the last four months in terms of the courses, when and how long and even the content of them. That has all now been finalised. There are two different courses now, some degree of overlap but very different approaches in each course. One in the USA and one in Scotland and both each for two weeks.

The main driver for these has been trying to find a balance between what we are able to deliver on the courses and the availably and ability of Americans to attend. The original idea of popping on a plane for an entire month in Scotland was idyllic and expensive and taking a month out of your life not practical.

The USA course will be set in the first Church set up by Patty Valentine. It will be within ten minutes of Lily Dale. One or possible two other Mediums will join me, subject to the number of people on the course. And we will try to have a daily Facebook link with another Scottish Medium. So, there will be more exposure to Mediums as opposed to Churches. And the emphasis will be on adapting to the


The Scottish course will be as originally planned and designed but cut to two weeks.

Both courses will be able to stand alone, but also will compliment each other if someone wants to do both. Another variable we are trying to work with.

Two courses are now confirmed re dates and a third subject to numbers.

Dates of the Courses

USA Fredonia – CONFIRMED – 9th to 21st March

USA Fredonia – PROVISIONAL – June 29th to July 12th

Dunfermline Scotland – CONFIRMED – 13th to 26th September

Support After the Course

With the courses now being two weeks, there will need to be a greater emphasis on support for those who follow up and set their own Churches. This will be provided in two ways. First through the group itself which has now been set up, and second with direct links with Scottish Churches on a one to one basis. The group is now a support and communication tool for the start-up of the courses and plans afterwards but expect it to evolve into a support tool for the Church side. I would ask people not to post general posts here/there. We are trying to keep it very focussed.


I have now had commitment from several Churches both for help with the Scottish course but also for the support of people setting up the USA churches. There will be a page on the web site listing then shortly.

We are in discussions with Dunfemline Spiritualist Church themselves to start Facebook broadcasts. These will be available both on the Facebook page, the group and the churches own page as well.

We expect these to be actual services. Not showing any evidence/platform work as that is personal for the people getting the messages in the services. But everything up to that.

There will also be interviews from people in the church and possible other bits and pieces. The dates for this will be settled this Sunday and we will post a schedule. We are also making some videos of Pandora’s visits to Scotland and these will be being posted shortly. She was in Scotland in July and we were working on a lot of what I am reporting to you now.


Now we are amassing a workforce. Three of us in the business side myself of course Marc Stuart Medium, Patty Valentine and Pandora Lianne Kew.

On the Church voluntary side, a lot of commitment and you will hopefully start to see a lot of these people shortly, for example see the last element about the Videos and Facebook broadcasts.

We are actively looking for a new employee. This is to help on the recruitment side for the courses. The job description describes it as a sales role and being truthful that is exactly what it is. The quicker we fill the courses, the more courses we hold the more and more Churches will be set up. I have attached a link to the description. If you know anyone that could do this please message them, and please share as far as possible.


Patty Valentine will be attending approximately three Fairs in the USA from now onwards. There are also plans for me to join her next year at several Fairs. This year it will just Patty being available but next year we will be setting up workshops and demonstrations at the Fairs.

We will be posting where and when. Again, please share this info as far as possible.

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