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Clairvoyant in Six Months

Earning a Living as a Medium

Marc Stuart Medium standing with Colin Fry (1962-2015) one of the UK's most famous Mediums who ran many TV shows.


The six-month training is initially focused on getting you to an extremely high skill level as a medium, but also on training you to work as a professional medium and earn a living.

All lessons include background help, advice, etc. for you as an individual to maximize income as a medium and limit risks.

Marc Stuart Medium standing with Colin Fry (1962-2015) one of the UK's most famous Mediums who ran many TV shows.

We fully cover the legal aspects of mediumship, limiting liability and legal status.

Marc assesses you as an individual, constantly guiding you on how to maximize your income. Everyone is different. For example, Marc is suited to platform work and less so for private readings, while you may be the reverse.

During the circles, we cover how to use technology for online readings. For example, how to use two cameras for card readings and stand out from other card readers.

Earn While Training

Included in the cost of the course is all the work required to set up a basic website for yourself, which you can use to take bookings. We will host it for you and also provide links that you can earn from the site.

Capture Site Buton.JPG

This is an example only of the type of site you will have set up for you. This example does not include a domain name; the cost of that is the only cost you will have to make. The costs vary, but are in the region of $60 per year payable to the hosting company we use, as a guidance.

This website will have our branding on it to help you promote yourself. Note that our annual budget for marketing is currently in excess of $50,000. Every medium we train has a site like this either set up or being set up, so cumulatively over time as we progress as a business, that marketing and branding will become extremely valuable to you.

Any income you earn from your site is your own; we do not take anything from that. However, we reserve the right to withdraw the branding if we have quality issues with the way you run the business or if we do not agree with anything you are doing.

Additionally, there is an affiliate system built into the site where you will earn a five percent commission on any referrals that click through from your site to sign up for our training.

Work with Marc

There are many opportunities to earn money by working with Marc. We have plans to expand our online training, and when this happens, we will be recruiting people we have trained ourselves.

When Marc tours in the USA, there is a package to organize local events to work with him. Typically, Marc works for three days: one day on stage, one day for a workshop, and one day for private readings. When Marc arrives and works, you are left with a pool of local people that you can follow up with and work with. You also get the opportunity to appear on stage with Marc, and as the organizer, you will earn a percentage of the gross takings.

You can also come to Scotland. Three of Marc's students in total have made the trip to Scotland. You will not earn much income from this, but you can market yourself as having worked with Marc, gain experience in Scottish churches, and receive direct one-to-one training from Marc. The first person to do this many years ago effectively doubled her income upon returning to the USA.

Finally, Marc is working on a site where people will be able to get readings from all of his students in one place. This will probably launch in late 2024.

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