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Details for the Night

You will be emailed with the Zoom link, but in case you loose it this is the link:


On the Day:

You will receive multiple reminder emails on a three, two and one hour and going live now countdown.

When you log on you will be placed into a waiting room, if there are any delays before admittance watch for any messages for example if you use the link on a night, we are not expecting you or are late.

Email in advance if you are going to be late. It is not a firm rule as it depends on what is happening on the night, but you need to be logged on no later than ten minutes after the start.

You will be asked to introduce yourself to the circle. We are looking mainly to know what experience you have had - even just receiving readings and any readings / training you have been given. This will help the circle leader to ensure you get the best out of the circle. For example, if you are an experienced reader, he might ask you to give a reading at the start so he knows what your approach is.

Agenda on the Night

  • Introductions

  • Any direct teaching (this is aimed at the students and may not be relevant for you)

  • Opening Prayer and Grounding followed by opening.

  • Readings for you from Students. Each Student will give you a reading. After each reading you will be asked for feedback. Then Circle Leader gives the student feedback.

  • Circle Leader works with you to help you give a reading.

  • Closing prayer with spiritual closing.

  • Short discussion with circle leader and one of the students to discuss with you your experience this evening, give any personal feedback the leader things is appropriate and ask if you are interested in joining the training.


Follow Study Up Emails Before the Circle

You will receive several follow up emails. These are about the training course as opposed to the circle; however, we ask that you watch the videos they link to. They will cover the subjects of: Income as a Medium, The Web site and online Marketing that is part of the program for you, Scottish Spiritualism which the training is based on.

Please make sure to check your spam folder as all these emails contain links if you do not think you are receiving them.

Contact Details

If you need to contact us, please use this email:

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