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Become a Working Profetional
Clairvoyant in Six Months 

But Try Us Out First - Three hours Free Training

If you are considering joining our training program let me make you an offer first. Come to one free training event based on Scottish Circles. You will get a glimpse of my training methods and go through the following:

  • Learning how to Open and Close,

  • Get a Guided meditation Experience,

  • Get between two and five direct readings from circle members, and

  • Get hand holding from me as you give a reading yourself.

Before that however we even offer you a free session with

Training Adviser Steve Williams and a free book written by

Marc on opening and closing. (On Kindle for £7.95.)

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Marc Stuart Medium

Who is Marc Stuart Medium?

Marc is a traditionally trained Clairvoyant Medium with two incredible skills. He can give multiple readings like a machine gun when on stage, and he is an utterly gifted teacher of Mediumship. Marc works internationally and trains people over Zoom. He can hand hold someone who has never given a reading to giving their first reading the first time they meet and work together. Also do not confuse what Marc does with other would-be readers. "I give proof of life after death" says Marc and he teaches you how to do this as well.

One working Medium who I brought to Scotland for one-to-one training has since doubled her income in the USA as a Medium. Most people take between 6 to 12 months, but the price remains the same. 

That is our commitment to you to make sure you get trained to the correct level ensuring your perfection reflects my brand.


Further Marc is an established Businessman in both the USA and Scotland. All the training is geared towards making sure you earn living as a medium as quickly as possible. He teaches you how to work to get paid and how to market yourself as part of the six-month course.


More Information Here:

Apply for Our Offer to you - Three hours of free Circle Training and Readings.

Be aware that we are the best there this. As such, Marc charges a fair fee for what is a Premium service for those looking to achieve professional level abilities and status.

What to do Next:

  • Start with your free 30-minute session with our Training Adviser Steve. Book this below.

  • You will then be emailed the link for the next slot for the training Circle and your free Kindle Book on opening and closing. Please read this before attending the circle.

  • Attend, meet with, and see Marc Stuart training. Then have a closing discussion with Marc and Steve.

  • Then decide if this is for you or not.

If you book Steve at the weekend, it is possible, subject to the number of people going that weekend to possibly get on a circle there and then.

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