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Clairvoyant in Six Months 
But Try Us Out Free First 
Six hours Free Training Over One Weekend

I'm Marc Stuart, a professional clairvoyant medium from Scotland. Since 2010 I have been giving readings internationally to places as varied as China and America as well as the United Kingdom, and now I work all over the world due to the magic of the internet. I am also planning several USA tours this year. 


People can pay many hundreds of dollars for me to give private readings at their events because they think I am "gifted" or "special”, but the truth is that mediumship is a skillset that can

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Marc Stuart Medium

be gained by anyone who has enough commitment to learn and practice. In fact, there is every chance that you could become a competent medium, able to give your own readings - both in a one-to-one and group settings - in as soon as 6 months of training – but only if you are trained properly.

And by trained properly I mean trained "in a circle" - a group of between six and ten people who have made the commitment to meet each week to learn and practice for around 2 hours at a time. If you can make the commitment to video meet in this way for 6 months, I can personally teach you how to become a medium. Not just a good medium, but possibly one of the most effective mediums practicing in the USA - because to my knowledge my training is the ONLY training to give Scottish style circle training to people outside of Scotland itself!

What Makes Us Different?

One working Medium who I brought to Scotland for one-to-one training has since doubled her income in the USA as a Medium. Most people take between 6 to 12 months, but the price remains the same. 

That is my commitment to you to make sure you get trained to the correct level ensuring your perfection reflects my brand.


I am starting a new training circle on Zoom very soon. It is for only eight people. This is your chance to be one of the very few people to be trained in a circle by an actual practicing Scottish medium. At the end of the 6 months, if you have applied yourself sufficiently, there may be opportunities for paid work though my website, or even to go

on and train mediums yourself, because my passion is to spread rigorous mediumship throughout the world and I and the team of people I work with will do all we can to help serious and committed people grow and prosper in this worthy endeavour. It is how I define the way I work for Spirit!


Together we can do so much good in the world. We can give people comfort and hope. We can give them a chance to say what they need to say to those who have passed over. We can bring light and wisdom from the spiritual realm. Your first step


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Steve Williams - Training Adviser

in sharing that light is to simply book below for a FREE SCREENING INTERVIEW with my training adviser Steve Williams. Steve was a psychoanalyst in private practice in Manchester, England, for over 6 years, and you can talk about your motivations and commitment to training with him. He has the skills to help you decide if this seems like it could be the right path for you. For your free 30-minute screening interview with Steve, over zoom, at a time of your choice, please book your time with him below.

Our Offer to you - Six hours of free Circle Training and Readings over one weekend.

If he is happy that you can make the commitment, he will arrange up to two free training sessions with myself or other members of the training team in one weekend so you will be able to decide yourself if this is for you and see myself training. One USA Medium said she learned more from me in one session than she had in 35 years.



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